Parent Council

The Parent Council is a group of parents consisting of a representative from each of the classes at Davies Lane who meet up twice a term and the findings are fed in to the Curriculum and Standards governing body. At each meeting we observe a variety of student workbooks, we observe the teaching in the classroom and we also look at and analyse statistics. We will bring any matters that you may have with regard to general learning or standards to the meetings so please note who your representative is and use us. Any specific urgent or personal issues must be must be taken up directly with the teacher or school. Each year we look for new parents to join us from the reception classes. If you are interested in joining the parent council please contact the school office.

Class Representatives

Y1 Ayesha Shafqat - Juniper

Y1 Saima Khan - Fir

Y1 Thula Mangena - Sycamore

Y1 Victoria Holbrook - Larch

Y2 Ash - Josie Hunt

Y2 Birch - Charlotte Beaulah

Y2 Redwood - Jane Jin

Y2 Rowan - Denis Wray

Y3 Poplar - June Alle

Y3 Oak - Nardjess Bououdine

Y3 Pine - Kalina Boeu

Y3 Cherry - Jack Fortescue

Y4 Elder - Kate Roberts

Y4 Luke Selby - Chestnut

Y4 Teak - Amanda Barker

Y4 Willow - Ayesha Arshad

Y5 Holly - Nabila Lebdjiri

Y5 Olive - Wilford Roberts

Y5 Palm - Helen Westerby

Y5 Spruce - Jack Tremewen

Y6 Cypress - VACANCY

Y6 Hornbeam - Annette Loakes

Y6 Mulberry - Sham Hayat

Y6 Walnut - Samim Patel

Class Representatives

Jenni Walsh - Local Governing Body

Khadra Dirir - Floating

Shanjida Akther - Floating

Scott McMillan - Co-opt

- Parent Council Minutes March 2018

- Parent Council Minutes  July 2018

- Parent Council Minutes October 2018

- Parent Council Minutes December 2018

- Parent Council Spring Report 2019




Parent Council Terms of Reference


The welfare and safeguarding of children is paramount and this should be addressed immediately with a member of staff when a concern is raised.


The Council shall advise the Headteacher on how to:


• Improve learning conditions for all children at Davies Lane


• To ensure that learning is fun


• To ensure that learning is interactive and interesting


• To ensure that planning and teaching are pupil centred


• To ensure improved outcomes for all


As a Council member, you should be able to:


1. Visit the school to see how things are done and how effective improvements can be made


2. Attend a meeting every half term


3. Observe lessons and comment on outcomes from a parent point of view


4. Interview teachers and pupils with the support of Headteacher


Review on a regular basis:


a)  The school’s curricular aims


b) Teaching and learning policies.


The Council is to monitor and review the progress of the school's curricular priorities, review progress, comment on resources available for curriculum development and make recommendations to the Heads of School and the Executive Headteacher.


The learning council will report to the parent council who will report its findings to the governing body.


The council will consist of a Chair, Vice Chair and at least one representative


Questions or queries for the Parent Council can be emailed to:




Davies Lane Primary School,

Davies Lane,



E11 3DR




Main Telephone:

020 8539 2466



020 8523 3230


Chief Executive - Maureen Okoye

Executive Principal – Jason Cook

Head of School – Bronwen Chalmers





School hours

Office Hours

8.00am - 4.30pm

Davies Lane is operated by Arbor Academy Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales with company number 10234376.


The registered office is at

Arbor Academy Trust, Davies Lane Primary School, Davies Lane, Leytonstone, London.  E11 3DR