Reading Curriculum

At Davies Lane Primary School, children will learn to read with confidence, fluency and understanding, providing them with an enjoyment and love of reading. Children read in school independently, in guided groups and in lessons across the curriculum.


Our Reading aims are:

• To develop phonetic skills which lead to blending and reading accurately and fluently.

• To promote confidence and positive attitudes to reading through access to a wide range of literature.

• To develop their vocabulary and comprehension of what they have read.

• To encourage good home/school partnerships.
  • To enable children to analyse what they read and to participate in discussion and debate about texts.

• To support those children who require additional support with their reading.


As well as children reading with you at home with their home reading book and school library books you can visit the websites below to help support your child.






Sharing books with your children is incredibly important and talking about the books your child is reading can really help develop their understanding of what they have read.  Here are a few questions from Aidan Chambers’ book ‘TELL ME, Children, Reading and Talk’ (Thimble Press) that you could ask when you read with them.




Was there anything you liked about this book?

• What especially caught your attention?

• What would you have liked more of?


Was there anything you disliked about this book?

• Did you skip parts? Which ones?

• If you gave up, where did you stop and what stopped you?


Was there anything that puzzled you?

• Was there anything you thought strange?

• Was there anything that you’d never found in a book before?

• Was there anything that took you completely by surprise?




When you first saw this book, even before you read it, what kind of book did you think it was going to be?

• Now you’ve read it, is it as you expected?

• Have you read other books like it?


While you were reading, or now when you think about it, were there words or phrases or other things to do with the language that you liked? Or didn’t like?


Have you noticed anything special about the way language is used in this book?


If the writer asked you what could be improved in the book, how would you have made it better?


If you had written this book, how would you have made it better?

Has anything that happens in the book ever happened to you?

• In what ways was it the same or different for you?

• Did the book make you think differently about your own similar experience?

• Which parts in the book seem to you to be most true to life?


When you were reading, did you ‘see’ the story happening in your imagination?


What will you tell your friends about this book?


What would you suggest I tell other people about it that will help them decide whether they want to read it or not?


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Please click this link for comprehension questions you can ask your children when reading with them!


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