Welcome to Reception


Dear Parents' and Carers of Reception Children,


In Reception we will learn about Myself and My Family, Seasons, Space, Once upon a time, Dinosaurs, Mini-Beasts, Holidays and Animals. In Literacy, we will be reading stories about families, learning letter sounds and identifying initial and final sounds in words.  We will also be looking at sentence structure and learning how to write simple sentences. In Numeracy, we will be counting, recognising numbers, identifying the number of objects in a group and properties of shapes.


We intend to take the Reception children on a walk around our local area to explore our environment. The children will be discussing their families and family life, identifying their likes and dislikes, identifying their country of origin and the range of languages spoken.  We will also be visiting the History Museum in the Spring term and Suntrap in the Summer term.


We offer a carton of milk alongside fruit every day as a snack so you do not need to provide your child with one. We would like to invite parents into the school each week as volunteers to support the children’s development of early reading and language. If you are interested in volunteering, please speak to your child’s class teacher.


Please ensure that your child brings their book bag everyday with their yellow reading record. We will read and change your child’s reading book once a week. The children will receive blocked homework every three to four weeks with a project to complete during this time. This is to consolidate what they have been learning in class. Homework books should be given in every Thursday and handed back out on Fridays.


Please be aware that jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school, apart from small stud earrings. When you are able to, please contribute 50p weekly into the class fund to pay for resources to support your child’s learning and development. Any recycled boxes and bottles are welcomed for junk modelling and other creative purposes; also if you have any rolls of unused wall paper, please send them to your child’s class.


We are working on our handwriting. Practise these patterns to help improve your fine motor skills!




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