School Council

The School Council believes that every child deserves to be happy and safe within the school. It is our job to ensure that we listen to what the children say in response to the events and the environment, and then do what we can to make improvements so that all children can focus on their learning.


Every week we lead class council sessions, where the children are able to put forward any suggestions for improvements. These ideas are then taken forward to the School Council meetings. As we represent the whole school, it soon becomes clear if there is one area of the school, which needs our work.


Over the years, the School Council have made improvements to the school lunch and the playground. We would like to continue with this work this year.


We are really proud of our school and want to be involved in making it even better.


Thank you

The School Council


School Council members must:


  • Be responsible role models for the school.
  • Model the 5Cs throughout the school day.
  • Lead their class council assembly each week.
  • Represent their class at a fortnightly meeting.
  • Make decisions about the most important issues at each meeting.
  • Feedback to their class any decisions that have been made.
  • Lead some phase assemblies.
  • Liaise with members from other schools.



Davies Lane Primary School,

Davies Lane,



E11 3DR




Main Telephone:

020 8539 2466



020 8523 3230




Chief Executive - Maureen Okoye

Executive Principal – Jason Cook

Head of School – Bronwen Chalmers





School hours

Office Hours

8.00am - 4.30pm