Year 6 Testimonials

Davies Lane Primary is an amazing school with excellent students and even more excellent staff! You learn a variety of subjects to help you learn in the future like English, Maths, History- I could go on forever! There are also after school boosters and clubs which we know everyone will love. My favourite thing about school is the curriculum and the teachers for they are amazing. Lessons are great because they don’t only provide you with intelligence, but they are also fun. My greatest achievement has been when I received ‘star of the week’ for 2 weeks running. I want to be an animal biologist and the school has helped me with the marvellous science lessons, enhancing my knowledge. - Aashir


My favourite thing about school is Numeracy. I love the maths challenges; they really bring out the best in me. I have achieved many fantastic things in my (almost) four years at Davies Lane, but my greatest achievement has to be getting onto the football team. At school we have the opportunity to carry out many roles and attend many clubs. I have done a few of them:  attending the school football team, going to an intervention with Mr Leonard ( maths specialist) and being a playground leader. - Muhammed V


The best thing about this school is the education we get and the effort put in by the teachers. I also adore the manners of the students and their enthusiasm. I would like to be a doctor or a scientist and the school has helped me a lot in that aim. Although I haven’t been at this school for that long, I have gained a lot of knowledge. - Adam


I really like this school because I wanted to be smart and the school has helped me by giving me tougher problems and extra maths sessions to challenge me. I also like getting challenged in PE and attend the tag rugby club coached by the school PE specialist, Mr Walter. My favourite thing about this school is that there are so many friendly people here and the lessons are great because they stretch your brains. If you are stuck, the teachers always come and help you. My greatest achievement is winning the citizenship award for my contribution to school life. - Ben


I have enjoyed Davies Lane primary very much during all the time I have been here. The staff are very friendly and are always there to support you when you are feeling down. Lessons are great at this school because we cover many different subjects in depth. We also have Saturday school to really help us to achieve. I was really excited to be included in the school basketball team and to win the academic award. I want to be an actress and this school has helped me because each class performs a play at least once a year and we have clubs such as band, choir and drama. - Sara



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Davies Lane is operated by Arbor Academy Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales with company number 10234376.


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